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Lunch Bear 100% Recycled Cotton Canvas Lunch Bag - SOLD OUT


Lunch Bear, Reusable Lunch Bag

Introducing Lunch Bear, your new best friend.

100% recycled cotton canvas, 100% reusable and machine washable, Lunch Bear is our hand silkscreen printed lunch bag BFF for kids and adults.

Our super-friend and super-eco-friendly recycled cotton canvas lunch bags are made with certified Fair Wage & Fair Labor practices.

Lunch Bear is quite roomy with plenty of space to hold any sort of lunch, dinner, breakfast, or even a snack that you might pack for your day. You could easily fit a dozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or half a dozen apples in Lunch Bear. He's happy to help you hold it all!

- Size 7" wide x 10.5" tall with a 4.5" flat bottom gusset.

- Velco-like self sealing and snug top for snack-time safety.

- 100% Recycled natural, unbleached cotton.

- Machine washable.

Not only does Lunch Bear give hugs, he gives help! A portion of the proceeds from each sale of our Lunch Bear lunch bags goes to the anti-bullying organization Pacer. To learn more about Pacer, and the anti-bullying movement visit them here:


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