Ghost Ships 2 Art Print Set

$35.00 - $110.00
  • Ghost Ships 2 Art Print Set
  • Ghost Ships 2 Art Print Set
  • Ghost Ships 2 Art Print Set
  • Ghost Ships 2 Art Print Set
  • Ghost Ships 2 Art Print Set

Ghost Ships Day and Night - 2 art print set diptych giclees

I have a thing for Ghost Ships, especially the spooky ones. From reading stories about the famous Marie Celeste as child to The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, ships adrift without a crew, carried on the whims of the sea and the winds have long fascinated me.

These 2 original illustrations: Ghost Ship By Day and Ghost Ship By Night are 2 separate prints, and are designed to go together as a set, or a diptych. This 2-part image shows both the Day and Night time aspects of an ocean voyage. In daylight a ship is setting out, high hopes and sun fill this illustration. And at night, she is shrouded in moonlight and mystery. Either way these Ghost Ship prints moves ever on alone. Many Ghost Ships roamed the seas alone for months or even years, seeing many moons rise and set in their solitary journeys.

These 2 prints are designed to look great in tandem as a set, or also sailing solo. I'm all about options. But, you should know that when you purchase them together as a set you get a special savings deal off the a la carte price. You're welcome!

Please note, this is a digital and giclee archival print (not a silkscreen print) of an original illustration by strawberryluna. Each print is hand titled and signed.

- Edition: Open, with each print hand signed, and titled.

- Size options with white border measure in inches as follows:

Small - Image size: 6.5 x 9.5. Paper size is 9.5 x 13.
Medium - Image size: 9 x 12. Paper size is 11x14.
Large - Image size: 11 x 17. Paper size is 13x19.

- Paper: Archival, no-acid, Epson Ultra Premium Matte heavyweight paper.

- Printed in-house with individual care per print, using high quality, no-acid, archival Epson Premium Matte art paper and high quality Epson archival pigment inks which are guaranteed fade resistant (for at least 100 years).

-Fits beautifully into a range of standard sized frames with or without a matte.