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Test Print 30


Test Print 30 silkscreen monoprint.

What the heck? I’ll tell ya what the heck:

Test prints are an integral and often surprisingly beautiful and playful part of the hand printed process. They are never ever the same, and therefore true, one-of-a-kind, individual Monoprints. Made from varied layers and layers of inks from different print runs to check colors, clean out a messy screen and a dozen other reasons, Test Prints are spontaneously created and basically, magical. Hence once a test print is sold, that’s it, gone baby.

I keep a few with me in the studio while printing and every now and then one looks suddenly nice & done. Like this one!

Size: approximately 15w x 22h inches. Paper: acid free Cougar, White 100lb cover weight.

Note: Due to their functional and traveling nature, test prints are often messy, perhaps with a finger print, or a minorly bent corner, scuffs, and even the evidence of salty tears, all a part of the print making highs and lows and highs again.