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We 3 Owls 2 Nursery At Print Set

$25.00 - $110.00

We 3 Owls diptych - 2 art print giclee set

Day or Night, 3 is a magic number. Yes it is. It's a magic number. And whoooo better to represent a tight knit little family, no matter how you make it, than 3 sweet Owls?

These 2 separate prints, We 3 Owls Good Morning and We 3 Owls Goodnight are giclee prints of 2 original illustrations by me, strawberryluna. One shows a sweet little scene with everyone ready to face the bright new day, and the other shows everyone settling in for a good night's sleep. Well, *almost* everyone.

We 3 Owls Good Morning and We 3 Owls Goodnight are designed to look great in tandem as a diptych set, or also individually. I'm all about options. But, you should know that when you purchase them together as a set you get a nice tidy discount off the a la carte price. You're welcome!

Both prints are available on their own in 3 different sizes as well. See our "Art Prints" section for details. It's the perfect Baby Shower gift!

- Edition: Open, with each print hand signed, and titled.

- Size options measure in inches as follows:

Petite - Image size: 7 x 9 in. Paper size is 8x10 in.
Small - Image size: 6.5 x 9.5 in. Paper size is 9.5 x 13 in.
Medium - Image size: 9 x 12 in. Paper size is 11x14 in.
Large - Image size: 11 x 17 in. Paper size is 13x19 in.

- Paper: Archival, no-acid, Epson Ultra Premium Matte heavyweight paper.

Fits beautifully into a range of standard size frames, with or without a matte.

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