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He Likes To Read Books For Girls Art Print

Image of He Likes To Read Books For Girls Art Print


He Likes To Read Books Written For Girls

Limited edition hand silkscreen printed art print

Books Written For Girls, what a softly brutal song by Camera Obscura.

So! Independent Record Store Day is quite a great little way to help support your local indepents. This print is part of a print exchange and show in conjunction with Independent Record Store Day.

Artists were asked to take a song lyric from a favorite band and translate that into a print for the show. I chose Camera Obscura's "Books Written For Girls", which is just a sweetly sad and devastating song, here combined with text from a classic book written for girls rife with odd gender roles and unfair treatment of one's loves. Or so I think. And here they are, just about to have a heart or two broken.

- Inks: 3 color screen print with soft transparent periwinkle, bright love red, and black hand-mixed and non-toxic water based silkscreen inks.

- Edition: limited edition of 115. Each print is hand numbered, signed and titled.

- Size: Size: 19 x 12 inches (22.9 cm x 30.48 cm)

- Paper: Archival, no-acid, recycled content, American made Cougar Opaque White, 100lb cover weight.

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